Puerto Rico

There are four Hispanic churches in Puerto Rico:

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Aguas Buenas

Caguas 1

Caguas 2

Dejabon Santa Domingo


Self supporting service in Puerto Rico

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Street Evangelizing

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PR buildThis news from Northport 7/5/2016

Northport FWB Church from Alabama came prepared and ready to serve Christ by serving the people of Costa Rica. They raised over $11,000 to construct a second floor to house four additional classrooms. The Iglesia Bíblica Bautista (Bible Baptist Church) in San Isidro, Costa Rica has grown and more room is needed to handled the youth.

They also served at the following ministries:

  • Adult MRDD Center working with the mentally handicapped.
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center putting a roof on the restrooms, kitchen repairs, and more…
  • Boys orphanage playing soccer, spending time, and presenting the gospel.
  • Distributed over 200 bags of food to families at three locations serving five villages
  • El Cajon FWB Church where Pablo Fernandez pastors. The group brought several much needed construction tools to be used and donated them to Impulse for future projects.

We are still trusting God to provide the resources for an Impulse facility in Christo Rey, Costa Rica. This location would centrally locate us in the area where we primarily serve. If you are interested in investing in the work of the Lord through the ministry of Impulse, contact us today for more information. The opportunities are many!

Impulse provides a way for you to make an international impact for Christ! Give us a call, send us an email, or message us today to schedule your groups mission trip or if you just want a little more information. Special discounts and promotions are available for larger groups.Multiple family members traveling together and leaders of larger groups receive special discounts as well.

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