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Randall house has two new Spanish titles Doctrinas Bautistas Libres and Gracia, Fe & Libre Albedrio Randall House

Director Rick Bowling

Rick Bowling serves as the director of Hispanic ministries for North American Ministries. He and his family faithfully served for seven years as missionaries to Uruguay. He is now helping to establish Hispanic churches all across the nation. Rick also is instrumental in encouraging students from other countries as well as the states to come to the Earl and Gwen Hendricks Hispanic Institute in Oklahoma and be trained to go back to their people to plant churches and win the lost to Christ. Hispanic Ministries is a multi-faceted work, and Rick Bowling brings a whole new dimension to the work.

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You can give to the Hispanic work through FWB Cross Cultural Ministries

Preparing Hispanic Leaders

For contact information on Hendrix Bible Institute in Oklahoma; satellite schools in TN, TX, and Puerto Rico or correspondence courses, click here